Meditation Manifestation: Seven Ways in 21 Days to an Anger Free Mind, a Beginner's Guide to Mindful

Meditation Manifestation: Seven Ways in 21 Days to an Anger Free Mind, a Beginner's Guide to Mindfulness is a downloadable mp3 audio album.

Do you have the desire, or necessity to overcome anger, irritability, and moodiness? If so, this audio album is a great place to start.

Meditation Manifestation is for the person who doesn't believe they are able to overcome anger through meditation because of the unreasonable dedication to sit in calm quiet for an hour, or even thirty minutes.

This album is not about balancing chakras, getting in tune with the aura, sitting in uncomfortable awkward positions while chanting, or part of the law of attraction shenanigans.

Meditation Manifestation is a brilliant mind exercise for the average individual, it only takes 5 minutes out of the day, and it allows a person to cultivate a disciplined concentration.

This gift is for individuals who would like to practice and develop the art of using the mind more effectively so that he or she may master their anger.

This is for the average individual who knows that he or she can overcome anger if they set their mind to it but they just might need a little help setting their mind.

Meditation Manifestation is also for the average person who does not know how to or that they are capable of overcoming anger and they just might need a little guidance in order to focus, organize, and become an authority over it.

If you have been angry for a long time, you have had a lot of practice. Therefore, this is a way to practice being calm, confident, and certain so that one may become nearly perfect at it in order to replace the habit of anger.

Each meditation Elizabeth leads the listener, step by step, through the exercise so he or she may discover and establish an awareness of calm certainty over anger through mindfulness.

There are eight tracks total; the first track is the introduction, which is less than four minutes of exactly what Meditation Manifestation to an anger free mind is, and how to use the audio.

Following the introduction, there are seven different five minute guided meditations with mantras, and each one is done for three days in a row thus creating seven ways (seven meditations; three days each) in 21 days.

These five minute exercises train the listener to overcome anger with the abilities of awareness, relaxation, hope, faith, gratitude, self-worth, and forgiveness.

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